Why Choose FieldPro Software?

All Encompassing Software Solution

Focused on providing specialized Oil & Gas service companies the ability to operate more efficiently with less environmental impact while enhancing their visibility, automating key processes, gathering pertinent downhole data, and ultimately increasing profits.

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  • 24/7 Technical Support
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Take Control of Your Operations


Specialized Layouts

Simplifying Management


Customize your System

BHA & Well Schematics

Provide professional & accurate visual representations of the tooling & equipment run downhole. Leave the spreadsheets to the amateurs.

End of Well Reporting

Documents the completion of the operation, including valuable metrics and key performance data that
will separate you from the competition.


Streamline the payroll process with an integrated timesheet system. Includes Job Bonus, Day Rate, Subsistence and Detailed Reporting.

Invoice Integration

Eliminate the manual invoicing process with integrating your accounting system with FieldPro, plus easily export to Customer A/P systems.

System Notifications

Deliver real-time notifications, facilitating prompt action and enhancing operational efficiency within all areas of the business.

Sales CRM

Identifies customer interactions and sales processes, leading to improved relationships and increased revenue. Proven to increase sales.


Better manage your fleet utilization and certifications. Identify revenue per unit,
manage CVIP, crane, registration and insurance expirations.


Ensures compliance with regulations, minimizing risks and promotes a safe work
environment. Field safety forms are available offline.


Our quality management system (QMS) ensures adherence to standards, enhances efficiency, and promotes continuous improvement in products or services.

Supply Chain

Better utilize your assets and manage your equipment’s certifications. Includes
Assets, Third Party, Products, Tubulars, Quick Return, Tool Transfer and more.

Dashboards & Reporting

Our emissions feature equips your company for
upcoming legislation by enabling precise reporting of CO2 emissions from well servicing operations.

Always Expanding

We consistently update our system to address evolving customer needs, integrating feedback and innovative solutions to ensure adaptability and satisfaction.

WeDrill Services

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Our experience with FieldPro has been transformative. It drastically reduced paperwork time by 90%, streamlining tasks like invoicing, job logs, load outs, BHAs and safety documents. 

Accuracy has soared, eliminating mistakes that would have otherwise been recorded in Excel. Our customers appreciate the detailed info in job logs and field reports. 

Training new staff has been very easy as the system is very intuitive.
Fraser Salmon| President & Owner
WeDrill Services

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